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 Show Dogs brought us together and showing dogs was our career for 30+ years. Mark and Sally George were nationally known and respected professional dog handlers. We were American Kennel Club Registered Handlers and are seen at many of the biggest and most competitive shows in the country including National Specialties, Montgomery County Kennel Club All Terrier Show, Westminster Kennel Club, Eukanuba Invitational to name a few.  We have now retired from traveling the country to show dogs, and are devoting all our time and attention to our Sonoma Pet Resort, bringing the finest care and grooming to our clients here. Sally has begun judging at AKC events, and we are raising our family here in Sonoma. 

Things to think about when hiring a handler

  • What sort of care and facilities does he/she offer?
  • Are his/her dogs presented in a competitive manner at the shows?
  • Can he transport your dogs in a safe and comfortable way?
  • Can you communicate with this person?
  • What are your hopes and expectations for your dog or breeding program?

AKC registered Professional handlers Mark & Sally George

Want to finish a champion?
We have successfully shown and completed championships on countless dogs of breeds from every group.
Want to campaign a special?
We have shown dogs to Group 1 or Best in Show in 6 of the 7 groups
Our specials have won national specialties and Westminster, and been ranked number 1 in their breed 
Looking to acquire a top show dog but can't figure out how?
We have located and purchased  or arranged purchase of several of our top winning specials show dogs. Perhaps we could help you.
Not sure how to proceed with a breeding program?
We have started and guided many breeders from finishing their first champion to winning at National specialties. While we don't have all the answers, we do have a wealth of experience available to our clients.

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