RATES (effective 11/1/2012)

Dog room with attached covered patio                 $34.00 per night

    additional dog/same family/same room            $29.00

Cat condo                                                        $20.00


Feline Frolics                                                      $6.00

Potty walks to grass (approx 5 minutes)                 $4.00 per walk

Country hikes (3/4 mile hike on leash)                    $9.50

Pet & Play ( off leash playtime in yard)                   $9.50

Brush & Biscuits (15 minutes brushing)  longhair      $9.50

                                                        smooth      $4.50

Peanut butter Kong toy                                        $3.00

frozen pupcicle                                                    $2.00

                                special feeding/medication

feeding other than our food (per meal)                   $1.50

medication (per administration)                             $1.50  


Pedicure                                                            $15.00

All bathing and grooming rates are quoted individually on each animal 


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