The gregarious, fun loving temperament of the Irish Terrier is not for everyone. We like to think if you haven't got a good sense of humor you do not deserve to be owned by an Irish Terrier. This breed's utter devotion to his family and especially his children is what has made this breed an irreplaceable part of our lives for over thirty years. The Irish Terrier is an athletic, energetic dog with a weather resistant coat. He requires training and grooming as well as love. If you haven't got the time to put into your puppy, please consider another pet. If there is an Irish terrier in your future we invite you to research the breed through the following links. If you think you have a match, contact us with any questions you may have regarding our dogs, or better yet make an appointment and come meet them in person.  check out this great story about an Irish Terrier


Irish Terrier Club of Northern California

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