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Our pet beauticians are the best

Master groomer on staff


A day at the spa

Before you pick up your pet perhaps he could use a day at the spa under the expert care of our grooming staff. Clean and well groomed feels good! Look at how nice these guys look and feel after their grooming here.

Here's Princess Leia enjoying the treatment


Full service beauty treatment
Complete grooming including nail trim, ear cleaning, anal glands attended, brush and comb out, bath and dry with trimming as desired by breed specifications and owner special requests. A complete canine makeover!
bath and flea or tick treatment

Includes nail trim, ear cleaning, brush and comb out and flea or tick treatment. Your pal will leave here Fresh & Clean

Spring/summer strip
Complete clip down of coat everywhere, includes nail trim, ear cleaning, total clip down and bath for a cool, carefree look and a carefree season.
Nail clipping
Don't forget to care for your pals feet! We can give him a perfect pedicure.

Canine Makeovers Fresh & Clean Carefree Looks Pedicure


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